Why a fundraiser?

Our goal for the upcoming weekend is twofold:

We want to set a clear, visible presence for the sex-positive movement and show its diversity and growth. It would be amazing to give every facilitator, multiplicator, activist, blogger etc. of the whole of Europe the possibility to attend or at least be informed about it.

For our organisation and its initiatives to grow, we will need funds. The work and commitment of volunteers is amazing to share and witness; at the same time, very few people have the ability to dedicate large amounts of time and energy to this project while trying to make a living. In that sense, tapping into the community to give in a meaningful way in order to support dedicated present and future work makes sense to us.

How do we handled commitments and money for this event?

In the spirit of a fundraiser, no volunteer, organizer or other active participation (workshop, act, talk, dj, performer) will be paid this weekend, and we invite everyone to see this as a gift to the S+ community. As an exception, we commissioned the services of a graphic designer as we couldn’t publish all the material without professional help. For the auction revenues, we decided that 40% of the revenues go to seller and 60% shall be donated to us as it is a fundraiser. For the workshops, we will provide donation boxes and encourage people to donate, this money goes to the facilitators in full. All other revenues of the weekend (like the entrance) will go to the organisation. ## What will happen with the collected funds? Since we have finally consolidated the initiative into an Non-profit organisation (a Verein according to Austrian law) we will be regularly publishing goals, activities and the yearly budget for all to see. We would like to clarify here what the intent and the goals are, as well as give an overall idea of where the funds will be directed. First, some basic costs are purely related to infrastructure, supplies, and equipment; web-hosting, some software licences, stationery; posters and other information materials. We will make sure to keep you updated in a granular way on where all the funds go. Second, despite the fantastic range of skills fellow volunteers and associates have, sometimes it is simply unavoidable to procure professional services, be it due to lack of specific skills or because of the timeliness of a needed job. Like a graphic designer. Last but not least: we try to plan our events in a way that they are easily accessible for a broad range of people. So far a lot of voluntary and unsalaried work was necessary to found the organisation, launch the website and organise networking events. To make the initiative more sustainable, we are thinking of investing directly in a few individuals to commit more of their time and energy to the project. Another idea would be to offer low-income prices for the events (incubators, content retreats, s+ weekends etc.) in order to be more inclusive. Transparency, inclusiveness and participation is key to us and so we invite members of the community to explore it with us. More infos about the Association Sex-positive Ev. will be published soon.

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