Nico Semmler

When listened to closely, our bodies and sexualities can open a gate to
ourselves - to our physical and mental health, to our dreams, feelings
and needs, as well as to our anxieties and deadlocked patterns. These
are lush and fascinating worlds to be explored.
In my work as a certified Sexological Bodyworker, I invite individuals
and couples to take safe and courageous journeys into these worlds sense into themselves - into their body, their emotions and their
thoughts alike - and to bring these together in harmony. be their own tour guide, to find where they are right now and
where they want to go. Growing in self-determination along the way.

This work may include touch (slow touch massages, full body massages,
mappings) or may not (mindfulness meditations, conscious masturbation,witnessing).

By inviting breath, movement and voice we strengthen ourembodiment and intensify our sensual awareness.

I also offer in-depth email or eye-to-eye conversations, including
coaching, teachings, thought exchange and listening.

I am Berlin based and offer my work in German and English.

You can find out more about me on: