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Fehu Freyjadóttir teaches workshops all around the world on the subjects of conscious sexuality, sensuality, and all things primal. She facilitates ritual experiences and loves to dive deep into the mystical from a grounded position that cultivates presence as a refined awareness of the here and now.

“There is always a deeper version of everything, including yourself.”


Fehu studies Core Energetics (body-oriented psychology) and is a qualified Vølva, Sex Positive Educator, Slow Sex & Sensuality Mentor, and Life & Intimacy Coach.

Her primary work is a synthesis of these approaches that guides clients forward into the depths of their own being: restoring connection to their most authentic, primal, and sensual self while activating full and uninhibited self-expression.

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Feel free to reach out for a 20 min. info call, to book your private session or to join one of my workshops.

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