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We’d love to say that we were created from star dust, just like the universe.

The real story might be a little more trivial but nevertheless magical:

In 2014 someone asked Fredi if she wanted to organize her own parties. Even though it seemed like a crazy idea, the complete lack of women in the event and techno scene in Vienna made it inevitable that she decided to give it a go.

Supported by Marcel (tetra.pak) and Thomas (thomas manhart) she organized the first hausgemacht event in October 2014.

Throughout the next four years the hausgemacht family grew and grew. A this point we’re around 45 beautiful humans who make these events happen.

We’re friends, we spend time together, we like each other: we’re not in it for the money we’re just a loving dysfunctional family, connected by the desire to create exceptional techno parties.

Where this collective is gonna go? No idea. We’re gonna keep doing what we’re doing, what feels right and needed at the moment. Right now we’re placing our focus on sex positive parties, but we’ll see where the future leads us.

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