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luhmen d’arc creates workshops, play spaces, sessions, performances and essays.

Dedicated to the manifold aspects of intimacy and desire, we search for inventive forms of encounter and communication, in order to discover new sensitivities and limits.

We infuse our approaches with theory, artworks, pop culture and historical material. We love to combine different aspects and practices – like fusing rope bondage with massage techniques or adding silliness into the usual seriousness of erotic play and vice versa.

In our work we are driven by certain questions, like “How do we actually find out what we really want and desire?”, “How can we integrate techniques to make our phantasies come true – without becoming technical and losing the connection?” or “What is it that makes pain or power play so very auspicious?”.

We are cheerful, sweet and unpretentious beings/facilitators who love to play, but always with a specific focus and the urge to seize the potential of sex-friendly spaces, which for us also means daring to slowly/carefully bring out the fleshy, intense or weird aspects of being a lustful creature. And that pleasure can actually lie in allowing yourself to consciously embrace those parts. Recognizing that entering this space is inherently messy means that we try to avoid quickly escaping into comfortableness or into using beautifully sounding, but empty, phrases that disregard the ambiguities.

This all would not work if we would not be empathically caring or have this desire for pampering – and for the blushed cheeks, sparkling eyes, and a bit dumb but glorious look on the faces that emerge in our courses and sessions.


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