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Swan creates spaces of empowerment and human rewilding that enable us to cultivate greater joie de vivre, creativity, and connection. They are at the service of the advent of a new culture of intimacy and of ferality. Their aim is to recover the beauty of our shared human animality.

They studied and taught philosophy and divinity and completed a PhD on anarchism at the University of Cambridge. They also trained and performed in physical theatre and hold certifications in tantra, yoga, human permaculture, and positive sexuality.

Swan promotes growth that includes all levels of consciousness and human experience. Their approach to spirituality is pragmatic and undogmatic. As queer and multi-ethnic scholar and activist, they lay special emphasis on intersectional care, trauma awareness, and socio-political sensitivity.

They believe that sexuality is one of the most powerful vehicles for integral growth. Positive sexuality is much broader than arousal and stimulation; it means welcoming all consensual forms of human interaction as healthy and uplifting dimensions of life. Swan regards kinks and paraphilia as expressions of one’s artistic and ludic drives.

They co-founded the LIIC, a laboratory of intimacy in Canada, the REVES, a human rewilding gathering in France, and Vichitra Tantra, a queer tantric school for all genders and sexualities.

What they offer:

Retreats, festivals, and trainings such as Mystical Eros, Touch & Play, or Durga’s Tiger School YTT.

They are available to facilitate workshops and retreats, mainly in Europe and in the Americas.

They also offer private mentoring for individuals who wish to improve all aspects of their lives.



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