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Sonja Reifenhäuser

Sonja is Empowerment and Integrity Coach from Berlin and gives workshops in the field of Personal Development, Somatic Intelligence, Authentic Relating and Sex-Positivity. With almost two decades of experience in her luggage, her concern is to create spaces in which people can truly meet themselves and others. As a coach, she recognizes the quality of …

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Fehu Freyjadóttir teaches workshops all around the world on the subjects of conscious sexuality, sensuality, and all things primal. She facilitates ritual experiences and loves to dive deep into the mystical from a grounded position that cultivates presence as a refined awareness of the here and now. “There is always a deeper version of everything, …

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Nico Semmler

When listened to closely, our bodies and sexualities can open a gate to ourselves – to our physical and mental health, to our dreams, feelings, and needs, as well as to our anxieties and deadlocked patterns. These are lush and fascinating worlds to be explored. What do I offer? In my work as a certified …

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