Sex-positive Content retreat

We are happy to announce our second "Sex-positive Content retreat" where we will work together to create new and work on existing Sex-Positive content. It is meant to be open source and set guidelines and recommendations on activities, communities, workshops, games, parties and more…

**What is this retreat about**

A writing retreat for Sex-positive facilitators & multiplicators who want to share their knowledge with the rest of the world and co-create first building blocks in our growing community.

Join us and:

- Spend 3 days with like minded individuals sharing and writing down your knowledge about workshops, games, ice-breakers, community organisation, event facilitation, conflict resolution and more. Anything and everything that could be relevant to the Sex-positive community and that you are willing to share with the world (freely).

- Spend 2 nights experimenting, chilling, eating or playing with likeminded individuals. These nights can also serve as an opportunity to apply your newly gained knowledge.


Following the ideas discussed in the previous S*x-positive incubators, we want to go ahead and turn one of the projects discussed there into reality. The project purports to build a freely accessible online platform, filled with the knowledge and resources from the people that have been active contributors on organising events, workshops, communities, parties around Europe and the world. On we want to pubish all content that’s created and is shared for free according to one of the Creative Commons licenses. 


Target groups:


  • professional and amateur workshop organizers
  • event organizers
  • community organizers and facilitators
  • creators of content (bloggers, YouTubers, authors, speakers)
  • doctors, therapists, sexworkers & bodyworkers

On top of direct expertise in the sex-positive field, we are also looking for allies with expertise in IT, law, sexual health and text revisors.

We would like to make clear that this is not a "Play-vacation", there probably will be a time to play but the main purpose of this event is a content creation. If you do not have content to share, or can't help in other way, we do not encourage you to apply.

PAL System: Everyone attending the event needs to be vouched for by at least two other known members of the community. We want to ensure that the people participating are truly interested and capable of sharing their knowledge and that they operate safely and consensually in a sex-positive environment.

If you have no direct connection to any of the participants but would like to contribute to the retreat, we are happy to discuss it with you personally; just send us an email to:


Monday 2 November 12h to Wednesday 4th November 17h during the day. Evenings and nights open for workshops, playshops, chats etc. Actual work time shared between personal content creation and common texts/article.


Berlin. The exact place will depend on the amount of participants.

Simple accommodation (optional ) and simple self organized healthy meals

**How much**

This is a strictly non-profit event. All the payments will be spent on food, lodging and supplies. All participants (including organisers) will be contributing to the costs.

Pricing: 20 euro/per Night for Accommodation & Food & Drinks

**Participation is only possible through the application form**

Please apply here:

**Who is behind this initiative?**

The “Sex-positive Community Europe” is a growing community established as a not-for-profit association based in Europe. Our goal is to build a network of engaged Facilitators & Activists to work together on shared goals and give them voice. One of the main goals is to provide interested individuals in Europe an accessible portal of information about sex-positivity; safer sex; and an overview of relevant events. We are moderating the Facebook group Sex-positive community Europe and organizing network events in Europe.


The Fb Event

Our Facebook Group S*x-positive Community Europe

Kindly notice that this is a private event for the S*x-positive Community Europe. This event is organised for the Sex-positive Association and is fully non-profit. All the payments will be spent on food, lodging, and supplies. 

Feel free to invite and share this event through your professional circles. Just remember to add them first to the group or send the website link.