Sonja is Empowerment and Integrity Coach from Berlin and gives workshops in the field of Personal Development, Somatic Intelligence, Authentic Relating and Sex-Positivity.
With almost two decades of experience in her luggage, her concern is to create spaces in which people can truly meet themselves and others.


As a coach, she recognizes the quality of "sex-positive" spaces as growth potential, wether private or professional. Empathy and understanding as well as communication and clarity are needed in all areas in order to create an efficient and well-founded framework for a healthy and nourishing interaction between humans.


Sex-positivity means much more to her than physicality or sexuality in the classical sense.
For her, its about radically honest language, consensual agreement and conscious boundaries, equal rights and a safe and informed approach to sexuality and health care.


She loves sensual and open-flowing spaces of all kinds, in which people come together, cocreate and grow. She is the founder of the Sensual Supper Club and offers monthly development workshops for everyone and .empowerment circles (salon des femmes) for women in Berlin.Salon des Femmes


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