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1 Template for workshop scripts

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If you want to share your workshop with other people, and make an open-source workshop out of it please use the following template to upload any workshop like activities and send it to join@sex-positive.com Entries in italic are optional



Organizational elements


Who is the target and who should be invited?


What are we trying to do?

Short description text (public)

For sharing in short communications

Long description text (public)

Full summary


What is needed for the workshop to happen?
Materials, props, supplies, spaces, conditions


Min-max participants and space considerations




Anything that can affect physical or emotional safety
How people may get injured
How people may be affected

Triggers / inclusivity

Elements that may make people not want / be able to participate

Detailed description

A more or less detailed description of how the workshop is run – enough details that a moderately expert workshop giver, familiar with the subject matter could recreate the workshop on their own

Part I

Part II

Comments to the “open-source” ,

Please specify if you would like to be cited as source, or where you got the inspiration.

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