About us

Sex-positive.com is a newly created not-for-profit association in Europe and website we built to provide interested individuals in Europe with an accessible portal to information about sex-positivity and an overview of relevant events.

We are moderating the Facebook group Sex-positive community Europe and organizing network events in hole Europe.

Read more of our Mission and Goals here.

Current activities

  • A calendar of sex-positive events (workshops, retreats, seminars, trainings, parties and more) throughout Europe.
  • Free and open-source Information (A sex-positive glossary, safer sex and sexual health information, reviews of events, websites links.)
  • A directory of professionals working with and supporting the sex-positive Scene (Event & Workshop Organisers, Workers from different sex-positive fields, Performers, Artist, etc.)
  • A list of locations hosting sex-positive events
  • A blog and newsreel about our further actions

If you’d like to be added on pour directory of events or professionals to be represented on the Website write us a mail at join@sex-positive.com or contact Janina Vivianne on Facebook.

You want to add your Event in our calender? Please submit it here https://sex-positive.com/events/community/add

How we work

In order to cover our costs (web hosting, design, photography, blogs, promo, material etc) we plan to operate on a donation basis. We will be setting up advanced options soon but you can start by supporting us here: https://paypal.me/Spositive

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