Next Incubator 17-20th September

Sex-positivity & Sustainability Incubator

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Disclamer: Please only come if you applied and got confirmed <3
More About the Incubator:✨🌱The Sex-positive & Sustainability Incubator 🌱✨ was born out of many questions, but the loudest being: How can we become both, more sustainable as well more sex-positive?

Both the sex-positive and the sustainability movements are set on changing the world, aiming for a better future for all. How can community and connection be nurtured, to create networks and strengthen our movements? How can we support the change from a consumption-oriented system to a society thriving on human values?

The Incubator gives us the time and the space to go deep into those ideas, to reflect, and learn, to explore different mindsets and solutions.

One weekend, filled with activists, free thinkers, artists, facilitators and rebels with a cause, set in the beautiful Spitzmühle, surrounded by nature, indulging in all organic, regional, vegan food. Let us co-create a space to freely exchange our knowledge, coming from different realms, sharing knowledge on many levels - in workshops, lectures, discussions, as well as through art and touch.  

At night, we will soften the conference setting through connection games and playful workshops, and later opening different spaces - from sex-positive playgrounds to non-sexual cuddle spaces, and of course the possibility to go into the Sauna and the Lake.

On Saturday evening and Sunday, we will celebrate life and its expression in art within Janina Vivianne’s infamous Parallel Universe party. Be prepared to experience an immersive adult playground, with performance, concerts, excellent music delivered by beloved DJs & DJanes, spiced up with sex-positive workshops and several sensual spaces with different levels of intimacy. On Sunday we will have a long brunch and several activities like a nature reconnecting ritual, an art workshop, a  sensual day-temple and an ecstatic dance set.

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17:00 Soft Arrival

18:00 Opening / Intro Round / Practicalities & Agreements 

18:30 Introduction sustainability & Sex-positivity Incubator by Riccardo & Janina

19:00 Defining topics for the Unconference moderated by Alex (

20:00 Dinner

21:00 Connection Games

22:00 Different Open Spaces 

( Chill/ Network / Sauna / Play Space with Fantasy Fulfillment Games by Alex )


8-9:30 Breakfast

9:00 Self-love circle

10:00 Coming together & Presenting the Program

11-13 Unconference SLOT1 

13 - 14 Lunch

14 - 15 Talk by a Keynote Speaker

15- 17 Unconference SLOT2

19:00 Dinner S+

21:00 Different Open Spaces ( Chill/ Network / Sauna / Play Space )

Saturday morning

8:30 Breakfast

9:30-11 Unconference Wrap Up & Networking


Saturday noon Parallel Universe - an adult playground starts with around 40 more guests joining 

Here the Program



->Only Incubator Thursday - Saturday morning 240 // Bio / Regional Food & Coffee/Tea // Includes two night in the cosy Mattress Camp

The first part if the weekend - The Incubator is organized by the Sex-positive Community Europe Association and is fully non-profit. All the payments will be spent on food, lodging, and supplies. The second part of the Event - The Parallel Universe is organized by the Loslassen Association and charges for their Program. 

->Full Weekend  Thursday - Sunday 340 //// Bio / Regional Food & Coffee/Tea //Includes 3 nights in a cosy Matrasscamp ( Hotel room for 400 ) 

->Only Parallel Universe - an adult playground  - Price for Sa & Sunday - Regular 200 €, 

Accommodation options

In a Mattress camp,

Camping or in a Hotel room (+ 20 - 40 Night/Person on top)

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Who are we?

The “Sex-positive Community Europe” is a growing community established as a not-for-profit association based in Vienna with the goal to build a network of engaged Facilitators & Activists to work together on shared goals and have a voice. Among them: to provide interested individuals in Europe with an accessible portal to information about sex-positivity; safer sex; and an overview of relevant events. We are moderating the Facebook group S+ community Europe and organizing network events in Europe. We try to be a voice for the Sex-positive community.

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