Dara & Simon

We get a little uncomfortable with labels and never really know what to write when it comes to Bio’s. Because, who are we really?

A powerhouse conscious couple, orgasmonauts, reLOVEutionaries, sex positve facilitators, speakers, spontaneous street singers and rappers, infamous entertainers, acroholics, mother and guardian to a revolutionary child, best friends, voices of the earth, naked advocates, homefull digital nomads?

Do you really care what we’ve done, who we’ve spoken to or where we’ve been printed? Probably not, so if you vibe with us, let’s play and get radically intimate!


We live our love as an example of a new model relationship (real-elevation-ship), where we no longer come together for mere (illusionary) comfort, but rather use it as a tool for individual and collective growth. Living our life true to the motto: Every relationship is an ongoing transformational workshop!


We host events on and offline, festivals, playshops and retreats.

Website: www.daraandsimon.com - www.nakedtheretreat.com


"Lets dance on this path less travelled –  we would love to meet you there!”