Janina Vivianne

I work self-employed across the board in whole Europe.

I'm engaged for the sex-positive movement.

A sex-positive Activist?


The idea to create sex-positive.com emerged from a deep fire in my heart.

It is my vision is to provide a platform for a sex-positive European network,

and to nurture a community based on trust and mutual respect.

Furthermore, I want to provide easily accessible information on safer sex &

sex-positivity & a clear overview over different sex-positive events from all over Europe.


Here is a rough overview of what I am working on:


  • Sex-positive.com / Informative Website & Event Calendar
  • Sex-positive community Europe a facebook group providing a forum to exchange and share ideas
  • Sex-positive Incubator (meeting of sex-positive professionals in Europe) (14th Dec in Vienna & 28th Dec in Berlin)
  • Sex-Aware / A Safer Sex Campaign to promote sexual health, tests and disease prevention
  • A Training at ATMA Institute about emotions and body work


I'm a positive human beeing, a traveler ,a networker,

a dreamer , a filmmaker , a visionär, a skilled editor,

a hedonist , a honest person, a burner , a lovely pervert,

a hippie, a Business woman, a loving one...

I'm how I'm