Sex-positive Munch

Dear S+ Friends,
The GB Munch Team would love to invite you to a warming indulgence of Online Munching.
Moderation and Space holding by Nick, Yal, Harriet and Phil.
You can join at any time between 20:00 and 23:00 CET. The event is limited to 100 guests and free but we invite donations for our workshop facilitator via PayPal to


**What will happen when?**

Zoom in at 20:00 CET for the OPENING. At 20:05 we will introduce the rules and roles. See the complete rules at

20:25 GAMES
Some light warm up introduction / connection games by Yal

21:00 Workshop by Sophia (@sophia___rose_) – Knot What You Thought…

22:00 MUNCH
Cruising in different rooms 🎉 Book Club, Rooms for different cities, LGBTQIA+, Discussion, Playspace

22:00 The Sexuali-Tea Room starts, together with the other Rooms, combining talking about s3x-positivity and a good cup of tea. Hosted by the editor of s3x+ Magazine, Phil

This is a safeR, inclusive space to share what’s going on in our world, building community and connecting with others. Boundaries and consent are super important to us and you will not be required to share anything you’re not comfortable sharing.

23:00 Closing and Dancing!

Feel free to share the Facebook event and invite your friends!!
Suggestion: You might want to wear something a bit out of the ordinary, funny, glamorous or sensual, for fun and each others eye candy. This is optional – just for fun.
Who is behind this initiative?
The “Sex-positive Community Europe” is a growing community established as a not-for-profit association based in Europe. Our goal is to build a network of engaged Facilitators & Activists to work together on shared goals and give them a voice. One of the main goals is to provide interested individuals in Europe with an accessible portal of information about sex-positivity; safer sex; and an overview of relevant events. We also moderate the Facebook group Sex-positive community Europe and organise network events in Europe.
About our Partners:
Sex+ Magazine is an independent online and printed magazine that shares real stories and rewrites narratives about sex and s3xuality. We’re passionate about showcasing stories that are rarely seen in mainstream media and that includes supporting the voices of marginalised groups. We believe in community-building and curate events internationally that promote empathy, vulnerability and self-love in safeR spaces. or @s3xplusmag on Instagram

We hope to see you there,

Your Sex-Positive Community Europe

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