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Born in Vienna, raised in Salzburg, studied in Graz and Linz. Her travels led her to the peaks of the Indian Himalayas, through the slums and hospitals in Colcatta, and to the sunny banks of New zealand’s beaches. After finishing her bachelor in molecular biology and her doctor of human medicine, she moved back to Vienna. There she worked as the President of Schwelle Vienna, a sex-positive, kink-friendly location for two years (2016- 2018).

In July 2017 she was on stage with her TedX talk „The Power of Saying No“, followed by more workshops and talks on the topics love, intimacy and sex (Creative Mornings, #iamgood etc)

In September 2018 she organized the Art of Sex Festival with over 150 participants in Vienna together with Schwelle Wien. Lectures were hosted at the Sigmund Freud University on the first day, followed by 4 days of workshops at the Aux Gazelles, accompanied by celebrations at night

In February 2019 she founded The Intimate Revolution with her team. The vision is to organize festivals and events in Europe to promote sex-positivity, consent and intimacy.

Also, she is the president and co-founder of Sex-aware, an organisation aiming to encourage Safer Sex, to make STI test easier accessible in Austria and promote sexual health.

Her vision is to end loneliness and to create a beautiful world with more than enough love, intimacy and sex for all.

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