Janina Vivianne

Janina Vivianne  is a sex-positive activist and event organizer. She is working in Europe to spread awareness regarding safer sex and sex-positity. She founded with 5 other woman Sex-Aware /a Safer Sex Association to promote sexual health, tests and disease prevention and gives workshops around safer sex and intimacy. She is part of The Intimate Revolution festival orga team , a sex-positive, kink-loving festival and the creator of The Parallel Universe – an Adult Playground – a Festival that happens 3-4 times a year in Vienna and Berlin.

She also is the driving force behind The Sex-positive Community Europe project and  sex-positive.com, a platform for information about sex-positivity in all of Europe.

Filled with energy and enthusiasm, she spreads her knowledge on European summer festivals, in community spaces, and on sex-positive parties. She holds workshops on connection, sex-positivity and gives educational talks on Safer sex, STI’s  and “Love with more then Two”.

Her vision is to create a strong platform for a European sex-positive movement. A movement that encourages a community nurtured by trust and mutual respect, creating SafeR spaces where people of all genders, identity and backgrounds can explore different forms of connections fitting to their wishes and boundaries.

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