Valerie Wolfjaegerin is Vienna-based, and spends a lot of her time educating people on the topics of gender, sexuality and consent. Some of the workshops she gave have covered diversity, gender-stereotypes and consent-education with kids.

She is a political person, her feminism is queer and intersectional – or not at all! Valerie has very little tolerance and patience for ignorance, arrogance and individualism, but admires all the people who fight oppression on a daily basis.

A gender-sensitive language and awareness of power dynamics are important to her, in private and professional life. Inspired by wonderful Emma Goldman, her slogan for the event would be: “If I can’t dance I don’t want to be in your revolution.”

The Discussion about sex-education and consent-education is aimed for and at people who more or less frequently engage with kids, especially till the age of primary school. Valerie wants to raise awareness of the concept of consent in parenting/caring for kids, as consent is something that can (and should) be practiced from the start. Same goes for sex-education, starting to talk about sex, when a kid starts to have sex …. 

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