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Diana Böhme is a Berlin based sociologist, relationship and sexuality therapist, mediator, trainer and coach.


She studied Sociology with majors in gender and diversity studies, love and family sociology, social psychology, political and organisational sociology and intercultural education.

She has gone through several trainings as a couple and sexuality therapist but prefers the term realtionship therapist because there is a variety of relationship forms and sexualities.

What she offers:

She researches on pivotal points in personal sexual biography in Germany. 2014 she organized the European youth meeting „Together against Homophobia and Sexism in Europe“, a conference for LGBTIQ activists. 2016 she was a speaker at the 2.

Non-Monogamies and Contemporary Intimacies Conference NMCI in Vienna, together with Christopher Gottwald and gave several radio interviews on polyamory.

Currently, she educates therapists in realtionship and sexuality therapy, including LGBTIQ education, polyamory and the queer history of sexology.

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Tel: 015731849754

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