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Swan Alyon

Swan creates spaces of empowerment and human rewilding that enable us to cultivate greater joie de vivre, creativity, and connection. They are at the service of the advent of a new culture of intimacy and of ferality. Their aim is to recover the beauty of our shared human animality. They studied and taught philosophy and …

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Janina Vivianne

Janina Vivianne  is a sex-positive activist and event organizer. She is working in Europe to spread awareness regarding safer sex and sex-positity. She founded with 5 other woman Sex-Aware /a Safer Sex Association to promote sexual health, tests and disease prevention and gives workshops around safer sex and intimacy. She is part of The Intimate Revolution festival orga team , …

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Cameryn Moore

Cameryn Moore is an award-winning playwright, performer, producer, writer, and event host. Her work has been seen in over 60 cities around the world. She is the founder and frequent host of Smut Slam, a global network of community dirty-storytelling events. Accomplishments: Since 2009, Cameryn has created six critically acclaimed solo shows: Phone Whore, slut …

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Since 3 years Hilly is a part of the Kinky BDSM Scene in Berlin. She organizes the International Munch and a talk for Beginners in BDSM. “Its important that people can talk about their passion and fantasies in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere”. 2016 they started with “Friendly Pervs”, a BDSM related party theme. “We …

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“I want sex education to be fun, less sterile and less tense. Discovering sexuality and bodies is one of the most exciting things in my life. Sex-positivity is not just a personal thing for me, I see it as a movement to deepen the connections we have with ourselves and each other.” What she offers: …

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