The Intimate Revolution // Berlin

Welcome back to the Spitzmühle, to celebration and community! Join us into a venture into the depths of human connection, accompanied by great facilitators, experts in the art of sensuality and relationships, enticing night time festivities, the lake, the hot tub, the sauna, organic vegan food with vegeterian options and a loving community. Lets explore …

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Naked Men

We invite all GBTQ and heteroflexible men to try out, experiment, explore boundaries, overcome shame and explore your authentic self in a weekend of workshops. Leave everyday life behind and dive into new worlds with curiosity, courage and openness. Several experienced teachers, bodyworkers, healers and artists will create a varied program of workshops on bodywork, …

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Weibliche Ejakulation – Hamburg

Weibliche Ejakulation – ein Workshop für alle Menschen mit Vulva Eine Quelle der Heilung, Kraft, Magie und Göttlichkeit. Weibliche Ejakulation scheint immer noch ein Mythos zu sein, etwas mit dem nur wenige Frauen gesegnet sind oder etwas, dass nur mit Pornos zusammenhängt. Sogar Ärzte und Wissenschaftler streiten sich über dieses “möglicherweise” vorhandene Phänomen, denn die …

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Sexolution – The Sex-positive Festival

Immerse yourself in an unprejudiced world of creativity, emotions and self-awareness and look forward to five inspiring days full of vitality, openness and diversity! Nature, talks, play parties, workshops for all senses and an open-minded, mindful community are the centerpieces of Sexolution, the first sex-positive festival in Austria. Set in a secluded natural landscape in …

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Know her Anatomy – a workshop for men around female ejaculation, depth & sensuality

Know her Anatomy – a workshop on feminine ejaculation, depth and sensuality for men. Learn everything you always wanted to know about female ejaculation, depth and sensuality. Learn how to connect more deeply with yourself and your/ a partner, lover, wife or women in general and create the space for you both to let go …

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