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Become a Member

Fill out this Form to become a member <3

  • The regular membership fee a year is 20€

  • Low Income membership fee is 10€ a year

We are happy you want to become a member of this awesome community. Please – within a week of filling in this form – transfer the membership fee (and eventual donation) to one of the following accounts with the keyword “Mitgliedsbeitrag 2021” and your name if it’s not matching the account.


You are very welcome to donate more to our Association via PayPal.


If you aren’t on our main communication platform jet join slack.

Clarification of rights and duties of members.

Membership in the SPCE includes the following benefits:
– receiving a newsletter and being informed of community activities
– invitation to community events
– access to our communication platform (Slack)
– invitations to the General Assembly

Membership in the SPCE includes the following duties:
– paying the annual fee on time

Membership in the SPCE does NOT grant or include any of the following rights or privileges:

–  voting rights in the General Assembly
– access to community organized events (i.e an invitation does not grant access)
– accession to the General Circle or any of the Department Circles
– access to any reserved or confidential information
– speaking in the name of the association or community

Membership in the SPCE is highly encouraged for all those that want to volunteer for the association, and required for anyone engaging in the General Circle or leading an SPCE project.

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