Gloves for single use can prevent bacterial, yeast and virus infections from one body to another. If one buys them in bigger packages, their cost reduces significantly. Gloves are available in different sizes, different materials (latex and nitril are the most common), powdered or powderless, and in various colors (mostly white, black, pink, rose, lavender, green, blue, and transparent). In many countries one can buy them in super markets, pharmacies, or online, in packages containing 50-100 gloves.

The benefits of using gloves:

  • If you have open wounds on your hand, you can prevent infection.
  • You don’t have to wash your hands after you touched someone in their genital or anal area.
  • If you want to touch yourself after you touched another person’s genital/anal area: You can minimize the risk of transmitting anything by your hand if you have touched a person in their genital area and just remove the glove before you touch yourself again.
  • Using gloves in different colors makes it easy to remember with which hand to touch whom. Also: the person you are touching can easily see whether you are using the correct hand to touch them. Even if you switch positions.
  • If you are in a situation where you are having sex with more than one person, using different colors for different persons can be very useful to not get confused.
  • Fingernails feel less sharp when you are wearing gloves.
  • Glove use can be made sexy with the right presentation.

Example 1: Threesome

I’d like to touch person X and person Y at the same time. In order to not get confused which hand to use while touching, I use white gloves for touching person X and black gloves for touching person Y. In the course of time, both can always see whether the correct hand is aproaching their skin and make you aware if you are about to make a mistake. They can be sure that no fluids are transmitted from one person to the other.

Example 2: First you, then me

First I was pleasuring person X’s genitalia. Later I want to touch my own genitalia. If I’ve worn a glove while stimulating person X, I can just remove the glove and then use this hand to touch myself. Or if I’ve worn multiple gloves on top of one another, I may wear a glove beneath that first glove, touch myself with that one, and then remove that one again and pleasure person X again. That way one can play with one another for a longer time without having to take breaks to wash hands, having to struggle to put on gloves when your hands are sweaty or having use desinfectant.

Example 3: Encounter away from home

Gloves can also be very handy when you don’t have the possibility to wash your hands. For example when you’re outside, or at a location where there aren’t enough bathrooms/facilities. Maybe you were on public transport before, or had to shake many hands, and you know they aren’t clean, but you don’t want to start searching for a sink, interrupting the interaction you and the person(s) you are in right now. Putting on a glove is faster and the person you are about to touch can relax, knowing that you’re not about to smear the bacteria of other persons’ hands/bodies on them. You may want to carry the gloves in a small plastic bag or in an attractive box or small container with you, to have them quickly at hand when you need them.


Massage oils, lotions and lube can be used to make touch even softer and smoother, but please research first, whether what you are planning to use is compatible with the material of the glove. For example: natural oils are aggressive to latex and make latex unsafe very fast. Also: ask the person(s) you are planning to touch with the glove whether they are allergic to latex. If a person doesn’t know whether they are allergic to a material/chemical, decide together on which part of skin you might want to try a small amount of contact first. Be sure not to choose genitals, anuses or mouths to see whether an allergic reaction occurs. If you have sharp fingernails, please take care that the gloves won’t get damaged.


(c) CC BY-SA 3.0 DE by Sky Mira Lau

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