More on the 7 most common STI’s

There are more than 30 sexually transmitted diseases that are induced by bacteria, viruses, fungi or unicellular organisms. Syphilis, gonorrhoea, ulcus molle (chancroid) and lymphogranuloma, are embedded in the Austrian law for sexually transmitted infections and are called the “classical” venereal diseases. Other such infections are for example HIV, trichomoniasis vaginalis, chlamydia, human papillomavirus (HPV), …

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Getting Tested

The go-to persons for STI tests are your general practitioner and specialists in dermatology & venereology, urology & andrology and gynecology & obstetrics. Often insurance covers the costs for STI tests if symptoms are present or an infection is suspected, for example, in case of risk-taking sexual behaviour. Usually you need a letter of referal …

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Safer Sex Toolbox

We recommend using suitable safer sex tools such as external condoms, internal condoms and dental dams for every sexual contact. An open-minded talk about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) helps you take care of your sexual health. We thus advise you to speak with every partner about their attitude towards testing and risk-promoting behaviour. Regarding testing, …

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Safer Sex Corona Guide

By Olivier Dieleman The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in our social life, and whole cities – even countries – are put in different shades of lockdown. This article is meant to share with you some thoughts and precautions in how to handle sexuality in a safer way. Our libido is not listening to all these …

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Sex-positive Books List

Recently published Polysecure by by Jessica Fern Sex positive now by Gabosch Allena & Jeremy Shub An intro guide to a sex-positive you by Yael Rosenstock Witches, Sluts, feminists by Kristen J. Sollee Queer Sex by Juno Roche Beyond cuddle party by Monique Darling, Avid Awake Bondage: A Practical Manual for Beginners: Shibari and Kinbaku by Davide La Greca Positive Sexuality: A …

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