Code of Conduct

Dear Participant of the Incubator we ask you to read our Code of Conduct carefully.  Safer Space This event is based on the philosophy of harm reduction, meaning that we want to limit further harm from happening as we interact and engage with each other while recognizing that all people are capable of harm in …

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Janina Vivianne

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Sex-positive Books List

Books recommendations   Polysecure by by Jessica Fern Sex positive now by Gabosch Allena & Jeremy ShubAn intro guide to a sex-positive you by Yael Rosenstock Ethical Sluts by Janet W. Hardy, Dossie Easton –  Klassiker rund um ethisch gelebte PolyamorieCome as you are by Emily Nagoski Ph.D. Rewriting the rules by Meg-john Barker Witches, Sluts, feminists by …

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Event Poster

Download only the 3 Consent Poster as a PDF. I consent Download a Package of Consent & Safer Sex Poster as a PDF. Download here Download only the 3 Consent Poster as a PDF. I consent Download only the Safer Sex Package as a PDF. More Info I consent Feel free to use these …

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Consent Poster

Download the 3 Consent Poster as a PDF. Here Download the 3 Consent Poster as a PDF. Here Feel free to use these Posters at your Events and in your Community. The How to Hear & Say No Posters are inspired by Marcia Baczyski and modified and shared with consent. The STARS Talk is a model …

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More than two

tags: More than two,  safer sex, groups Where do my fingers/toys/mouth/genitals go? Especially in group sex situations, it’s good to keep track of who touched what with what, and to make sure pathogens don’t happily travel around. If, after giving someone pleasure, you just pulled your fingers, dildo or (condom-clad) cock out of a vagina/asshole/mouth, …

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Gloves for single use can prevent bacterial, yeast and virus infections from one body to another. If one buys them in bigger packages, their cost reduces significantly. Gloves are available in different sizes, different materials (latex and nitril are the most common), powdered or powderless, and in various colors (mostly white, black, pink, rose, lavender, …

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Consent violations and conflict resolutions

tags: consent, conflict, procedure © CC BY-SA 3.0 DE by Working group CVCR compiled by Estelle (for CEBI/Creation dEspacesBienveillants et Inclusifs) , Katya, Sky, Amelie, Boris, Marc Seestaedt, edited into flowing text by Sunniva Key elements to consent violation response and conflict resolution is non-violent communication, unaffected third parties when possible, and a focus on …

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Activity List

tags: workshops socials references ice-breakers Entry level activities This is an incomplete list of activities compiled by moderators during the Sex-Positive Content Retreat 2019. We want to share them with the rest of the world to create a resource on which we can build better, more inclusive and fun activities to play with our bodies, …

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Workshop Template

tags: workshops templates If you want to share your workshop with other people, and make an open-source workshop out of it please use the following template to upload any workshop like activities and send it to Entries in italic are optional TITLE Subtitle ORGANIZATIONAL ELEMENTS Audience Who is the target and who should be invited? Goals/Outcomes What are …

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